Halloween Giveaway!

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We’ve been keeping busy here at Black Jack Entertainment. We’re in post-production of The Game Done Changed, getting ready to start on a new film project with some great folks at Mine 4 God Productions, producing our own radio show, The Order, and basically just tying up loose ends and brain storming on some future projects to come. As always we appreciate all the support our friends, family and fans! We couldn’t do it without you! Now you know Halloween is right around the corner. In celebration of The Wolf’s favorite holiday we are giving away an AUTOGRAPHED copy of his book, My Brother’s Keeper!  Yes, you will have a chance to win a copy of the book that inspired the series featured on our YouTube channel! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the series SUBSCRIBE and check it out! Read on to see how to make sure you’re entered to WIN! And as always in the words of Wolfman Black… “Keep your head head up, stay strong and stay focused!” Official Rules & Guidelines: You can be under 18, just have your parents’ permission Contest Starts today: October 18th Contest Ends: Friday October  25th the winner will be announced on Friday October 25th live on The Order Radio so be sure to tune in at TheOrderRadio.com to see if you won!   RULES:  1. You MUST be a SUBSCRIBER to Wolfman Black’s youtube channel   If you’re not one yet….click here and subscribe! 2. SHARE this post and COMMENT below! Tell us: Werewolf VS. Vampire, who do YOU think would win? We love to hear your thoughts! 3. LIKE and SHARE the Wolfman Black Facebook page! 4. LIKE and SHARE the My Brother’s Keeper Facebook page!  5. LIKE and SHARE the Order Radio on Facebook!...

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Guess Who’s Back?!?!

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Guess who’s back once again and still movin and groovin, shakin and bakin, Howlin and Prowlin? Mr. Wolfman Black and trust me I’m fully recharged and silver bullet proof. I wanna start off by saying The Wolf thinks the Trayvon Martin verdict was bullshit. I understand that no one was there to know what really happened but the facts are all there and it was a fact that Zimmerman was instructed to stay in the car. If he had done that then Trayvon would still be alive. On da flip side there has been an uncountable number of black on black murders since the killing of Trayvon Martin. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m team Trayvon all the way but murder is murder no matter who commits it or gets away with it. And me being the outspoken wolf that I am I’m going to state that us as African Americans racially profile ourselves. I know an explanation is in order andI have no problem giving it. We sell our ignorance to television on shows that display us in a negative fashion. Shows where rich individuals still conduct themselves as if they still were considered poverty stricken. Shows like Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop. We sell our ignorance to Maury by testing ten different men as the father of your child or taking a lie detector test that we know can’t be passed, younger individuals disrespecting their elders not to mention the amount of broken english and display minimum intelligence. At the end of the day Maury and the other network executives has gotten rich off of our ignorance and we have set our own race back a few decades. We sell our ignorance on music that brags about our drug addictions and influences the fans to partake in such drugs. We sell our ignorance by thinking and believing that the same graffiti that you see on the side of a New York subway is prettier than your natural skin and post this all on Facebook and Instagram. We sell our ignorance to World Star Hip Hop and YouTube by recording teenagers and young adults both male and female fight, fussing, cussing and totally disrespecting themselves and post them to theses social media sites. We post every personal problem or issue on Facebook them tell people to stay out of our business. These are racial profiles that nobody assigned to us. This is the profile that African Americans consider real and have come to be proud of. I would assume to a degree that other races think of us as animalistic and don’t deserve the same amount of justice as any other American. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly in a television interview stated, “About 70% to 75% of committing violent crimes — assault, robbery, shootings, grand larceny — are described as being African-American. This is not a profile...

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What up doe? Welcome to another week of Howlin & Prowlin with Wolfman Black. We had the pleasures of the co star of The Game Done Changed, owner and operator of Overflow Furnishing and business guru Ms. Charlene Williams on The Order Radio A few weeks ago. We discussed issues of being a woman in business in a world that is still dominated by men. She also told the world what it was like working on the set of The Game Done Changed. KBiz talked about discrimination of all types including women in the workforce. Mike Dogg asked why the hell do women want equality on the job but expect chivalry after work? The Wolf gave his opinion working women. Ms. Charlene states that it was very rough for her breaking into the furniture business but through hard work and perseverance she gained the respect of her peers as well as her competitors. Although she admits that being in business for yourself is a daily struggle, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Charlene has also acted in a few stage plays. Ms. Tasha asked her if it was a huge difference making the transition from theater to film. This talented young lady says it was a piece of cake. KBiz touch on the subject of discrimination which is a very concerning issue to her. Discrimination is not exclusive to race but gender, religion, sexual preference, social and economic status and criminal record. We all came to the conclusion that it is something that will probably never change. Charlene answered Mike Dogg’s question on why ladies want equal treatment and benefits on the job but still want to be considered and treated like a lady. She states that being financially independent doesn’t mean they are taking over the role as a man and should not be treated as such. Unfortunately it has not been that way for her. She has had difficulty with relationships. Most men hold her as unapproachable and are intimidated by her business savvy. She says that she is the most humble and down to earth person on earth. So The Wolf recommends that all the fellows out there stop acting like pussies and holla at is beautiful intelligent young lady. The Wolf also stated that he thinks discrimination is often used as an excuse for being lazy. Mr. Wolf feels that he pretty much fits every minority category yet does not let that hinder his ambition. Being a felon himself, The Wolf agrees that being tagged with this label prevents a person from a lot of job opportunities. But there is now restrictions on being an entrepreneur. If they won’t give us a chance then we gotta take our chance by exploring your inner talents. Trust The Wolf, you’ll be surprised with the things you can do. We closed out with The Wolf giving us...

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